Lecture and Internship Programme of Multi-Vector Diplomacy 2016

The Lecture and Internship Programme of Multi-Vector Diplomacy 2016 starts off from 25th July- 5th August held at EU-China Economics & Politics Institute (www.euchinaepi.org) in Prague, Czech Republic. This programme designed for potential applicant, who is ready to practice diplomacy in foreseeable future, focuses on theories and practise of diplomacy, international trade & business, and experience divergence of internship programme (NATO Interactive Dialogue, New Media at think-tank, and International conference planing tasks). The applicant is expected to fulfil high skill of foreign language, widen and depend own expertise, and anchor deeply into foreign friend’s community.

The main structure of this programme consists of FOUR parts:

  1. Theory of Diplomacy, International Trade & Business
  2. Internship programme in new media section, accreditation for higher education unit, NATO InteractiveDialogue (Public and Private Relations)
  3. Terrorism in Europe
  4. Culture and Language: Integration for Foreigners in alien soil

This programme is an intensive course held for TWO weeks, at EU-China Economics & Politics Institute, and different locations in Czech Republic. The programme provides participants with a solid foundation of knowledge of diplomacy, CEECs studies and the EU system, as well as building skills in human-net co-ordination and practise. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge, opinion, and suggestion, and to use this opportunity to build their networks of support. The programme is positively evaluated by participants at the end of the program, and furthermore excellent participant is invited to write article for the press to share own insights. In addition, excellent participant will be on the list of internship programme at one high quality Automobile Manufacture Group, EU Parliament, EU Commission, and EU-oriented think-tanks in Europe.

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